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We are experts in demand creation.

We specialise in generating high quality leads through market-leading advertising strategies for the solar and wellness industry. Your sales teams will love them.

We’ve developed our proprietary system that allows us to fish out all the time-wasters and fence-sitters and only give you the customers that truly want what you’ve got.

Who Your Customers
Are Has Never Changed.
But Reaching Them Has.


We build bespoke online funnels that segment leads, customised for your brand. Through a combined 10+ years experience in digital marketing, our funnels are high-converting which are free of charge when you buy from us.



We use the latest ai driven quiz software and lead segmentation strategies, where we can custom questions to ensure we only capture and send you the right qualified leads.



Our relationship is uncomplicated. We don’t require an expensive retainer. Simply order the leads you want and we deliver them on a weekly basis. It’s that simple. If we don’t deliver the qualified leads, we refund. This is a win-win relationship and is based on our performance.



We’re savvy with the latest data validation tools – our leads are scrubbed and 100% validated.



We start off with using Facebook ads in month 1, then – once we’ve optimised the winning ad sets, we do use a multi-platform approach and utilise YouTube pre-roll ads, Twitter ads and Google Display Network remarketing. Many marketers are not using these platforms for solar so lead costs can be sliced over time. We normally roll out these other ad platforms after 1-2 months.



After the trial, you can access our lead quality – which is typically at industry leading standard. We like to work with likeminded people and build thriving long-term relationships. We don’t like the burn and churn, it’s a waste of our time and yours.



Stephen Hill

CEO of Elite Smart Energy Solutions


“Shaunn and his team have really gone the extra mile – not only are they getting us consistent high quality leads, but the content they’re using to get those leads are relevant. I highly recommend using Shaunn and his team. You won’t be disappointed. I think you’ll find it very hard to find another business or marketing agency that can offer the same quality of services…”

Jonni Pollard

Founder of 1 Giant Mind


“Timeless have been great in helping 1 Giant Mind connect with leads that want to truly engagement with what we offer. We can waste so much time and money in places we don’t need to be in the market and it has been refreshing to work with the team to become focussed on how to reach our people. Each month our reach expands due to the stream lined process that Timeless brings to the table. We highly recommend them.”

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